A Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor: Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Accidents

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Attorney

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It is not uncommon for people to be injured in slip and fall accidents. This often happens when they trip and fall on defective stairs, slip on wet floors or trip on a rough patch of the ground. In the event of such accidents, a property owner may be held liable for the injuries sustained by an individual while in other instances he may escape liability. Determination of liability is based on specific aspects, including:

     *     The owner of the property or their employees created the condition that caused the plaintiff’s injury. Such a condition could be a slippery surface or careless placement of a dangerous item underfoot among others.

     *     The premises’ owner or their employees were aware of the dangerous condition of the premises and failed to do anything about it.

     *     The premises’ owner ought to have reasonably known of the dangerous condition and rectified it.

Determination of the above-stated aspects is not easy without the legal assistance of a Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor. Besides, before the court can rule in your favor, you must show that you did not carelessly or negligently contribute to the accident that led to your injuries. Every court will apply the rules of comparative negligence, which are employed to determine a complainant’s reasonableness of conduct prior to the occurrence of the accident in question. For instance, the defendant’s insurance adjuster will certainly want you to show that:

     *     You had a legitimate reason, which the owner could have anticipated, for being in the dangerous area.

     *     That a reasonable person could not have easily noticed the dangerous spot and avoided it, or exercised care while passing through it to avoid slipping or tripping.

     *     That there were no warnings whatsoever that the spot in question might be risky.

     *     That you were not absorbed in such other activities that would have distracted you from paying attention to where you were going.

Proof of carelessness or negligence can adversely affect your claim to a significant extent. Most insurance adjusters have had many years of experience in diminishing such claims, making it imperative that you hire a competent attorney. Visit anthonyotto.com to find out how you can Meet Anthony Otto, a knowledgeable Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor.



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