A Same-Sex Family Lawyer Guarantees Everyone is Protected

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In most ways, same-sex couples face the same types of challenges as any other couple or parent. Unfortunately, the constantly changing laws regarding their union often leads to confusion about how they must handle certain legal concerns. It is vital that all same-sex couples seek legal representation from the start of their marriage or domestic partnership so they and their children are always properly protected.

Protecting the Children

Children arrive into same-sex families in a number of ways. Some are brought in from previous relationships, some are adopted, and many couples use surrogates. How they come into the family is never as important as protecting the parental rights of both partners. A same sex family lawyer will provide advice to couples about legally guaranteeing that both parents have the right to raise their children. They can assist with adoption plans, creating surrogate contracts and much more.

Establishing a Will

Same-sex couples have more rights than ever before, but many states still do not provide enough protection. In a male/female partnership, all of the assets from a deceased spouse would automatically transfer to the surviving partner. This is not always true with same-sex couples. Crafting a solid will is important to ensure that the property goes to the spouse or domestic partner and, in some states, it can help to prevent estate taxes. A same sex family lawyer is familiar with all state and federal laws and will help to create the most beneficial will and trust possible.

Managing a Divorce

Same-sex couples divorce at a rate much lower than opposite-sex couples, but it does still happen. The dissolution of any marriage is an emotionally taxing and incredibly stressful event. Having a sympathetic lawyer that understands the laws regarding same-sex unions makes the process somewhat easier.

Wegmann Law Firm are open to everyone in need of legal guidance. Law firms that represent same-sex couples as well as opposite-sex unions have a broad base of legal knowledge and can assist with all of the concerns that arise during any type of partnership. Contact the firm to learn more about what they have to offer or schedule a consultation for advice about any current legal concern.

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