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A Theft Defense Attorney in Kansas Wants Clients to be Aware of the Criminal Law

Whenever a person is charged with any crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, chances are his or her best opportunity to get cleared is a criminal defense attorney. Such an attorney may be aware of some loopholes in the law that may be to the client’s advantage. Although a person is certainly at liberty to represent himself or herself, taking a chance could leave him or her with a permanent record that could damage later. A Theft Defense Attorney in Manhattan, Kansas wants clients to understand what sort of things can happen to them in the state with such a charge.

In general, theft refers to the unauthorized taking of the property of another without the intent to return it back. However, many scenarios fall under the scope of theft. A person could be charged with theft if it can be proven that there was even an attempt to remove the property without consent. Of course, the law gets very sticky where this is concerned. It would take a good defense attorney to help the defendant get cleared of these charges.

At some point during the investigation, it may be determined that the defendant has actually committed grand theft, or larceny. Some states make a difference in larceny and theft. Grand theft occurs when something of significant value is taken. It might be a car that is stolen in the act of committing petty theft in a store. The more charges that are lodged against the defendant, the more an attorney’s services will be critically needed. In some cases, the theft may be a misdemeanor. In other cases, it may turn into a serious felony.

Addair Thurston Chtd. is a law firm that has been meeting the criminal defense solutions of clients in the Manhattan, Kansas area for many years. The law firm represents clients in DUI charges, assault and battery charges, drug-related crimes, criminal trespassing, computer crimes, crimes of theft, and many other criminal charges. Interested clients are invited to call in to review their case. If any person is in need of a Theft Defense Attorney in Manhattan, Kansas, the firm is available. Visit the website .

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