A Workers Compensation Attorney Knows The Range Of Factors That Disrupt The Approval Process

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Attorney

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A person who has been injured at work may wonder why he or she is having trouble getting approval for workers compensation. A primary reason this happens is because insurers want to avoid approving fraudulent claims. Data shows that fraudulent workers comp claims are uncommon, but when they occur, they can cost the insurance company and the employer a significant amount of money. The injured person may need a certain amount of proof that the harm was caused by an episode on the job site if the insurer disputes the validity of the claim. A workers compensation attorney near Clifton can provide insight on the evidence necessary for claims to be approved.

If the claim is likely to pay out a substantial amount and the insurer or the employer believe the employee is untruthful, the insurance company may attempt to catch the person in an activity that invalidates the claim. A workers compensation attorney near Clifton advises an injured person to be cautious about behavior that could lead people to think the injury was not all that serious or was entirely faked. It can be difficult to undo the damage resulting when a person is seen doing strenuous yard work, taking long bike rides, or engaging in vigorous athletic activity after saying a work injury precludes going back to the job yet. The insurer may interview people the claimant knows and may even send an investigator out to monitor the claimant’s activity, depending on the circumstances.

A broad range of factors can disrupt the approval process. For instance, a person who claimed to suffer a back injury at work may have the symptoms verified by a medical doctor through X-rays and other diagnostic tools. However, if a neighbor reports seeing that person fall from a ladder in the yard the day before the work injury claim was made, that will seriously undermine the case. If the individual is telling the truth, he or she may want to consult with a firm such as Kreizer Law. An attorney may be able to help this person prove that the home episode was not the cause and that the working episode was. Visit web.com for more information.

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