Birth Injury Lawyers in Elizabethtown KY Handle Cases Involving Undiagnosed Gestational Diabetes

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Legal

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Sometimes a birth injury occurs because the mother wasn’t effectively treated for a health condition, leaving her to feel terribly guilty afterward. An example is a failure to diagnosis gestational diabetes. Some pregnant women with this disorder experience some symptoms connected with diabetes, such as increased thirst and frequency of urination. Others, however, don’t realize their blood sugar is too high. A woman whose baby developed health problems because she was not treated for gestational diabetes should contact birth injury lawyers in Elizabethtown KY for assistance. She may deserve financial compensation for the ordeal.

When a pregnant woman’s blood sugar is chronically high, that affects the baby as well. The extra sugar is sent to the unborn child, and the fetal pancreas tries to eliminate that sugar by producing additional insulin. The combination of too much sugar and insulin can result in a newborn that’s abnormally large. This increases the risk of injury during birth or the need for a cesarean section. In addition, the child may struggle with a tendency to gain excess weight, and that issue may continue throughout a lifetime.

Birth injury lawyers in Elizabethtown KY also realize that chronically high blood sugar during pregnancy can cause premature labor. Babies born prematurely are at greater risk of having respiratory difficulties that can continue throughout their early years and even longer. In addition, babies born to mothers with unregulated high blood sugar have a higher chance of respiratory problems even if they were not born early. They may suffer from asthma, for example, and need regular attention for this disorder.

A woman dealing with the aftermath of not being diagnosed with gestational diabetes may face all sorts of difficulties. She may only be able to afford a certain amount of maternity leave, for instance. However, if her baby has to stay in the hospital because it was born dangerously early, she probably wrestles with the possibility of returning to work. No matter what the woman’s situation, she may want to talk with attorneys at a law firm that handles personal injury cases, including malpractice. She may Contact Business Name for a free consultation.

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