Can You Get Out Of Jail Without Paying A Bondsman in Haltom City?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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A Bondsman in Haltom City is paid to help defendants get out of jail, but is hiring one always necessary? There are some defendants who are released without having to spend a dime. If a defendant is allowed a signature bond, paperwork has to be signed declaring that the defendant will show up to resolve the complaint against them.

The Defendant’s History

Whether a defendant is allowed a signature bond depends on the individual’s criminal record. These bond conditions are typically reserved for first-time offenders. Someone with a criminal record might request a signature bond in hopes of getting a lower bond. Anyone who needs help with bail or has any questions should Call us now!

The Alleged Crime

A Bondsman in Haltom City knows that the crime a person is accused of committing will factor heavily into what happens at a bail hearing. Anyone who commits a serious crime isn’t going to receive a signature bond. A minor misdemeanor is something that a defendant might get a signature bond for if their judge feels like issuing one. Judges vary considerably on how they handle individual cases, so a person won’t really know what their chances of having a favorable hearing are until they find out who the judge is going to be.

Talking To The Judge

At bail hearings, lawyers talk to judges on behalf of their clients. A defendant can ask to speak to the judge. Speaking to the judge might work in a defendant’s favor or it might not. A judge might be persuaded by an emotional argument that a defendant makes. On the other hand, the judge might feel that the defendant is trying to trick the court. Addressing the court is always a gamble. If a person has hired their own lawyer, it’s best to let the lawyer do all the talking unless the judge speaks directly to the defendant.

Getting out of jail without paying money is possible. Although it’s not likely to happen, a defendant might get a signature bond. Once free, a defendant should respect all the terms and conditions of their release or they risk going back to jail.

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