Claims for Auto Accidents Filed Through a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Lawyers

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In Arizona, state laws require all drivers to purchase and maintain insurance coverage. This coverage must provide medical and auto repair payments for victims of an accident. However, if the driver is deemed at-fault in an accident and doesn’t have coverage, they will become the defendant in a lawsuit. The following are steps for filing a claim for auto accidents through a personal injury lawyer in Tucson.

Start with the Accident Report

The accident report must provide details about all parties involved in the accident. It shows the sequence of events that led to the accident. It also provides the name of the driver who caused the accident. The report is submitted to the insurance carriers for all parties.

Conduct Depositions for Witnesses of the Accident

The attorney conducts depositions for all witnesses of the accident. Their testimony is used during the hearing to provide support for the victim’s allegations. They explain the sequences of events that caused the accident as they remember them. Their testimony could provide a stronger case for the victim and enable them to acquire the compensation they deserve.

Gather the Medical Records and Cost Invoices for the Victim

The victim needs to provide all medical records and invoices for their medical expenses. They are included in the victim’s claim that is presented to the court. The documents provide clear evidence of the victim’s injuries and how they were produced. They also show exactly how much money the victim lost due to this accident.

Identify Any Moving Violations That Occurred During the Accident

The victim, as well as witnesses, can testify about moving violations. Typically, the officer who arrives at the scene determines who was guilty of a moving violation. These violations are reported through citations. However, if the officer didn’t issue a citation, the victim and witnesses can provide a need to remedy this condition.

In Arizona, all drivers are required to maintain insurance coverage for their vehicles. The coverage lowers the risk of a lawsuit by providing payments for medical treatment and auto repairs. Victims who didn’t receive payments through coverage should contact a personal injury lawyer in Tucson by visiting us website.

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