Criminal Law and Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Lawyers

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The area of criminal law covers a wide variety of crimes, punishments, and even ways to avoid the punishments. Because of the variety of aspects involved in criminal law, it is highly recommended that the first thing you do after you have been arrested is to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS. A brief overview of the criminal law in the United States means taking a look at each of these three main aspects and how a criminal lawyer can be helpful.



Anything which is against the law is considered a criminal act and is punishable under criminal laws. This can include DUI, assault, drug possession, burglary, theft, murder, and many other crimes. Crimes which have a recommended sentence of one year or less in jail are considered misdemeanor crimes, while those which have a year or longer jail term are felony crimes. These can each be broken down further based on the severity of the crime, with crimes such as premeditated murder being amongst the crimes which are more harshly punished.


Punishments depend on the severity of the crime, the number of times the accused has done the crime, and the constraints of the law. The more severe a crime is, the longer the punishment may be. Criminals who repeat the same crime or have a lengthy criminal record may also have longer sentences. Many crimes, however, have a maximum limit for the punishment of the crime. Some of the punishments you can receive if you are convicted include jail time, probation, fines and community service.

Avoiding Punishments

In many cases, a Hattiesburg Criminal Lawyer can help you avoid a conviction, and thus avoid the punishment that comes with the conviction. There are many ways a criminal lawyer can form a defense for you, including proving that the arrest was unlawful, that there is not enough evidence for a conviction, or even proving that there is a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

If you’ve been arrested, the area of criminal law can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own. It’s a good idea to work with an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS like T Michael Reed. They can help you navigate the legal area of criminal law so that you can get a better outcome for your case than if you tried to go through the hearings on your own.

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