Dealing With Insurance Companies With An Insurance Lawyer in Williston ND

by | May 14, 2015 | Lawyers

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Most people who have dealt with them know that insurance companies can be very strict when it comes to handing out settlements. Large settlements don’t come easy even after damages are calculated. It’s not uncommon for claims to be denied multiple times before a settlement is met. Those seeking compensation for their damages need an Insurance Lawyer in Williston ND and a plan of action when dealing with an insurance company.

Lawyers are often aware of the many legal nuances revolving around insurance settlements. When it comes to negotiating a settlement, injured victims could benefit greatly by having a lawyer on their side. In fact, a lawyer may be able to determine, based on the facts of the case, how large of a settlement a victim is due.

Those who’ve been injured will get the opportunity to negotiate their settlements with an insurance adjuster. Many injured individuals make the mistake of not knowing the proper amount of compensation they’re owed. It’s a good idea to have a number in mind before speaking with an insurance adjuster. Calculate what the claim is worth by factoring in all of the damages you’ve sustained (i.e. lost wages, medical bills, emotional damage, etc.).

Insurance companies routinely begin their negotiations by offering settlement amounts that are very low. Unfortunately, either because they need the money or don’t know any better, many victims accept the low initial settlements they’re offered. Unless it’s absolutely reasonable, a person should never accept the initial offer. An Insurance Lawyer in Williston ND can help begin the negotiation process.

If a very low settlement is offered, an injured party should ask the insurance adjuster to justify their offer. Why do they feel that the offer is suitable for the damages reported? Take note of the explanation given by the adjuster. With the help of an Insurance Lawyer in WIlliston ND, you can give your own reasons as to why you feel your number is more appropriate.

These are just a few tips any person can use with an insurance company after they’ve sustained damages. Many insurance companies will try practically anything in order to avoid giving out large settlements. Work closely with a lawyer in order to figure out a number and negotiate a proper amount of compensation.

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