Dealing With The Insurance Companies Requires Trucking Accident Lawyers

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Law

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Being in a car accident with another passenger vehicle can be a horrific experience, but being in an accident with an 18 wheeler is terrifying. These huge trucks have so much weight and are so much bigger than a typical car or even a light truck that the damage to the smaller vehicle is often catastrophic, and that includes the injuries sustained by the driver and passengers.

While not all trucking accidents are the fault of the trucker, if you have been in an accident and sustained injuries it is important to talk with trucking accident lawyers. In Cedar Rapids, there are only a few firms who have attorneys on staff that specialize in these types of accidents, and these firms are the ones you want to represent you in your case.

What to Do

The first and most important thing to do before calling truck accident lawyers is to make sure that medical treatment is provided to everyone who needs it. Sometimes people don’t realize how serious what initially seems to be minor aches and pains can be after these accidents and don’t seek medical attention.

Often issues such as neck and back injuries don’t become problematic for a few days after the accident. It is always important to seek medical support at the first signs of issues and document everything in writing.

Contacting the trucking accident lawyers should be the next step. While this may be a very difficult time, particularly if there is a serious injury or a death because of the accident, having an attorney involved from the start is always helpful.

What Not to Do

Your attorney will advise you on what you should and should not do after the accident and during the legal process. Sometimes you may be contacted by the trucker’s insurance company, and it will be important to have your attorney present when this conversation occurs. Remember, these are large trucking companies that spend a lot with their insurance providers, and they will be actively trying to pay the minimum amount in any settlement offer.

With trucking accident lawyers on your side, you will have a better sense of what a fair settlement is for any accident and the resulting injuries. In some cases, you also have a wrongful death case, and for these an experienced attorney will be essential.

In Cedar Rapids, or across the state, getting attorneys involved very quickly after the accident will only help your case. Your attorney will be better equipped to track down witnesses and gather the information needed to prove your case when they are involved immediately.

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