Defining A Violation With Your Civil Rights Attorney

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Attorney

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The primary focus of civil rights laws in New York is to protect the interests of all residents. These laws entitle every single individual living within the state to the right to all basic human rights. They further prevent discrimination due to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. If you feel as though you were discriminated against, you should contact Zaloba Edward to speak to a Civil Rights Attorney today.

Privilege From Arrest

NY State Statutes 20 through 27 define civil rights in which an individual cannot be arrested. They include non-payment of a final judgment in a lawsuit or divorce case, unless stipulated in court documents, such as child support orders. Additionally, individuals cannot be arrested during civil proceedings without a known statutory provision. Witnesses who attend court in which they were subpoenaed to attend cannot be arrest during or immediately following the proceedings.

The Right Of Privacy

State Statutes 50 through 52 outline New York citizens’ rights to privacy. These statutes begin with the right to prevent any advertising firm or company from utilizing a photograph of any citizen without the individual’s specific consent. An offense is a direct violation of the individual’s civil rights and is a criminal misdemeanor.

It is further unlawful for any media or private individual to report publicly when a victim of a sex offense is infected with HIV. All confidential medical files are the exclusive property of the individual, and unless they provide consent to this individual or entity, this information cannot be broadcasts via television, radio, or online venues.

Privileges Against Libel

Unless the individual indicating that the report is untrue can otherwise support their claim, they cannot seek damages against another individual, firm, or company. This includes outlet such as social media profiles owned by private citizens.

Your civil rights are defined in the Bill of Rights for this country. Additionally, each state, including New York has guidelines that apply to how actions in which a violation of your rights is penalized. To understand these concepts more fully, you should consult Edward Zaloba at any time you feel a violation has occurred.

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