Fascinating Information about Your Local Accident Injury Law Attorney in Benton, IL

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Accident Attorney

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Your neighbourhood accident injury law attorney serves an incredibly important purpose in today’s day and age, especially if you’ve been subjected to a vexing incident that leaves you emotionally or physically traumatized.

Thus, we’re going to take a moment to underscore the essential functions of your local accident injury law attorney in Benton, IL, and stress how important it is to establish a close connection with a respectable legal authority after an injury, impairment, disfigurement, or wound.

Injury Law by the Numbers

Contemporary injury law might seem as though it’s very multifarious and difficult to explain, but it’s not all that complex once you understand the following facts and figures:

  • As stated in recent analyses and reports, there can be as many as one million distinctive personal injury cases and settlements in the US each year.
  • The typical accident injury law attorney handles dozens of unique situations per month.
  • Of these cases, only about 2-5% actually make it in front of a judge and jury – the vast majority are actually resolved during out-of-court collaborations and negotiations.
  • The median reward in automotive accidents is approximately $19,000.
  • Product liability cases are often filed as large-scale civil lawsuits, and the standard per-plaintiff reimbursement is worth roughly a quarter-million dollars.
  • On average, medical malpractice and healthcare neglect settlements are worth almost $700,000.

As such, personal injuries comprise a huge slice of the civil litigation pie, and your chances of being involved in such a scenario are actually quite high.

What Will My Attorney Do for Me?

From compiling witness reports and obtaining expert testaments to filing the actual court forms, conferring with the other party, and helping you obtain a lucrative settlement, your local accident injury law attorney can facilitate everything on your behalf, ranging A to Z.

For a dexterous, time-honored legal team, all it takes is a single consultation to gain full control over your injury case, so be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience, ideally right after you get released from the hospital or critical care center.

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