Get All Documentation When Dealing With Missouri Dealerships

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Attorney

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When you purchase a vehicle, the dealership has a host of paperwork that they are not always willing to release. This is especially true if the paperwork shows that there was an issue with the vehicle that was not disclosed at the time of sale. If you are purchasing a used vehicle, it could be that the previous owner clearly stated that they had a problem. However, the dealership may stamp the documentation connected to the vehicle as Could Not Duplicate Customer Concern.

However, if you are able to get access to the complete report with the mechanics’ notes, you see that the problem was either identified or that your vehicle is potentially dangerous to operate. It is good to work with an attorney to investigate all existing paperwork. If you are dealing with an unscrupulous dealership, they know exactly what documents they need to hide to protect them from Missouri Lemon Law.

You may have a vehicle repair record that shows no problems. However, the dealership and the mechanics who worked on your vehicle know good and well that there are several issues that need to be addressed. Getting access to the proper paperwork can help you build a case and possibly get the compensation that you deserve.

Missouri Lemon Law can be complicated to understand. There are statutes of limitations that must be adhered to. There is a set number of times that you would need to ask a dealership for help before Lemon Laws kick in.

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