Hiring A Lawyer That Specializes In Criminal Law In Bel Air, MD

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Criminal Law

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You may find it hard to accept you must hire a lawyer that specializes in Criminal Law Bel Air MD, for yourself or your loved one. But, if someone is dealing with a serious charge, it’s important to have the proper legal representation from the initial arrest and the court appearances all the way through to the trial or plea. Hiring a lawyer that understands the stress you, and your family, are going through is important. It’s difficult and trying time for everyone, but having an attorney trained in Criminal Law, will be invaluable during this hard time.

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When choosing a lawyer that specializes in Criminal Law Bel Air MD, ask about their experience with cases similar to yours and ensure that they’ve had a fair amount of positive outcomes. They should be able to give you some examples of possible sentences from previous cases.

If your freedom is at stake based on the outcome of a trial, it may be suggested that you take a plea deal instead of facing a sometimes unpredictable judge or jury. The plea should be to a lesser charge that will either shorten your incarceration time or keep you out of prison altogether. Because you usually get one chance to prove your innocence in court, if you go to trial, it’s of utmost importance that your attorney is aggressive and dedicated to fighting your charges.

Your attorney will recommend that as soon as you are arrested or charged with a crime you not speak to the police. They may let you assume they’re there to help, but their misleading line of questions may actually have you confessing to a crime you didn’t commit just by confusing you. It’s your right to only speak with your attorney present, so protect yourself and only answer questions with your attorney by your side. Your attorney will ensure the questions you are asked are fair and not leading.

If you find yourself in a legal dilemma, don’t try to go it alone. A criminal lawyer by your side throughout the entire ordeal will ensure your rights are protected and give you peace of mind that you were able to get the best possible outcome for your situation.

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