Hiring an Experienced DOI License Attorney in Chicago to Protect Your Rights

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Law

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When you own and have copyrighted or licensed intellectual property, you want to protect it at all costs. You want to safeguard it from others stealing and laying claim to it.

However, you may lack the legal prowess to defend what you rightfully owned and have licensed in your name on your own. You can hand off your case to experienced legal professionals like a DOI license attorney in Chicago to defend you and your property in court.

Proving Rightful Ownership

Anyone can raise the claim that they first thought of and invented intellectual property that rightfully belongs to you. All they have to do is go to court and levy an accusation against you to convince the court to hear their case.

However, the court has to hear your side of the argument and consider evidence that you enter on your own behalf. When you have a lawyer arguing your case, you can enter into evidence proof that you created and own the property in question. Your attorney can show the blueprints, video, deeds and other documentation to show that you created the property and therefore rightfully own it.

Further, your lawyer can take counteraction against the person who levies claims to what you rightfully own. He or she can sue for damages and clear your reputation.

Find out more about hiring a DOI license attorney in Chicago to represent you online. Contact the Zimmerman Law Offices today.

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