Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Chattanooga, TN

by | May 27, 2020 | Divorce Attorney

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Divorce is one way for marriages to be dissolved; the other is by death. Given the personal and family impact involved in divorce proceedings, it is vital that, before acting, the parties obtain the advice of divorce lawyers in Chattanooga, TN with adequate training and experience. If you are well informed, you can ensure that the divorce proceedings will go smoothly and efficiently.

After many state reforms, spouses can choose separation or a direct divorce. This means that there is no need to go through a separation period before filing for divorce. It is possible to dissolve the marriage openly. To go through with the divorce one must have proof that they have a reason for divorcing their spouse. Some states only require three months to have passed from the time of separation, without having to give a reason justifying the request.

With judicial separation by mutual consent, the judicial process is quick and easy. Simply attach the application, which may be filed by both spouses or one of them with the consent of the other. This agreement must have entered agreements by both parties regarding guardianship and custody of children, rights of visitation, pensions, use of the family home, etc. The judge and the prosecutor, if necessary, ensure the interests of children but also respect any agreements signed by both spouses. Hiring divorce lawyers is a must with divorce.

As with any contentious separation, the process is long, complex and important not only economically but also with personal cost to the spouses. Depending on circumstances, you may arrange proceedings that calls for interim measures to regulate the financial position of the spouses (matrimonial expenses). It will also look over children’s rights (division of parental rights consisting of custody, visitation and communication, alimony, etc.) while the divorce proceedings move forward. The dissolution of this bond should not affect spousal obligations to their children either.

Divorce dissolves the marriage at the civil level, which allows the spouses to marry again when they please. However, both parties need to ensure that divorce is the way to go. For more information, contact your local divorce lawyers in Chattanooga, TN today.

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