How a DWI Attorney in Las Vegas NV Will Help

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Lawyers

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There is nothing that people dread more than a DWI arrest. This is because, upon conviction, it leads to serious consequences such as losing a driving license, heavy fines and at times even a jail term. The fact that the average conviction rates for the crime in the state stands at above 80 percent means that proving innocence after an arrest is not an easy task. In case you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, you need to hire a competent DWI Attorney in Las Vegas NV to help you settle the case.

Most of the time, people do not win a DUI or DWI case because they have proved to the court that they are completely innocent. Good lawyers know the tactics that make use of in ensuring that the charges are dropped. The following are a couple of the defense lines that are adopted by these lawyers to make sure that the case is dropped.

Questioning the probable cause

Before a DUI or DWI arrest, the traffic police officer is supposed to stop you with a valid probable cause. This means that for an officer to stop you there has to be proof that you were involved in a traffic violation. This could be running a red light, over speeding or weaving through lanes dangerously. In case the officer did not have a good probable cause, that means the whole case built against you will have been based on the illegality and cannot stand.

Justifying your behavior during the field alcohol tests

There are certain tests that are administered in order to prove you are under intoxication. These include checking your vision, counting backwards, standing on one foot and walking on a straight line. The lawyer could claim that you failed the tests because of drugs or medication, sleepiness or any other plausible reason.

These are just a few tricks that are used by a DWI Attorney In Las Vegas NV to help get your charges dropped. Note that attempting to handle the case alone raises the probability of losing.

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