How Personal Injury Lawyers In Palestine, TX Litigate Tort Cases

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Lawyers

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Palestine TX aid clients with a vast knowledge of tort laws. These laws protect clients who have suffered mental anguish due to circumstances caused by another individual. Mental anguish is defined as a condition stemming from intentional infliction of psychosomatic trauma. The condition does not originate from a physical injury, although it produces pain for the victim. Conditions that lead to the development of this illness are bullying, attempted assault or battery, and deliberate efforts to slander the victim.

Defamation of Character

Defamation is encompassed and protected in tort laws. The action has led to mental anguish depending on the nature of statements made by the aggressor. For example, a non-profit business owner is accused of stealing from the charity. The embarrassment of the allegation could produce mental anguish if the designated charity was established due to a family-related loss. Aggressors who broadcast these allegations online or in print publications are libel.

Deliberate Psychosomatic Trauma

Domestic violence is a major cause of psychosomatic trauma that results in mental anguish. The impact of wrongful imprisonment often carries on throughout the victim’s life. Emotional scars plague the victim through nightmares, sudden triggers, and complicates their future relationships. The after-effects of the emotional and mental trauma entitles the victim to benefits or monetary damages. The applicable tort laws pave the way to litigation for these victims.

Attempted Battery or Robbery

Women are more likely to become held at gun point during night time hours. The emotional trauma caused by an attempted assault or robbery produces hindrances for women. The feeling of safety is eliminated in seconds as fear steps in. These occurrences lead to mental anguish and deep emotional issues.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Palestine TX take active measures to litigate mental anguish cases. They utilize known tort laws to protect the victim’s rights. The attorneys consider strategies to assist in proving the mental state of the victim to the judge. Psychiatric medical records could hold the key to presenting these cases successfully in court. Victims suffering from mental anguish after a trauma can acquire legal representation by visiting

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