Learning About Social Security Disability Law In Oklahoma City

by | May 22, 2017 | Attorney

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There are several reasons why social security disability applicants are denied. First, it is important that the correct application is filed. Some people are eligible for RSDI while others may receive SSI. RSDI (Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance) is a federal government program. It is for workers who paid benefits to the Social Security Administration (SSA). On the other hand, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a joint federal-state program. The elderly, blind and low-income individuals are entitled to SSI. SSI recipients must meet income and asset requirements. The monthly income limit is $1500.

Applicants must be disabled to receive benefits from either program. Applicants are disabled if they have a condition or illness that will last for at least a year. Moreover, the disability must render them unable to work. Reviewers must see medical evidence of the disabling condition. That is why it helps to have an attorney for Social Security Disability Law in Oklahoma City. Attorneys help applicants complete the paperwork properly. Further, they know how to gather the evidence that proves one is disabled.

Claims are often denied because the applicant loses touch with SSA. The agency frequently corresponds with applicants. In fact, applicants often receive requests for more information. Nonetheless, many applicants fail to alert the agency when they move. One of the main benefits of having an attorney is the agency communicates with them. Attorneys know how to get in touch with their clients.

Social Security Disability Law in Oklahoma City frequently changes. Attorneys stay on top of the changes. For instance, drug addiction and alcoholism used to be disabling conditions. Today, the applicant must have an underlying disability. Additionally, convicted criminals face certain restrictions. First, no benefits are given to those who were disabled while committing a crime. In addition, benefits are not awarded for disabilities received while in prison. Finally, it is not smart to obtain benefits through fraud. For instance, some people pay unscrupulous doctors to falsify medical records. The agency will prosecute the doctor and the applicant. Likewise, the applicant loses the disability benefits. If you need help with RSDI or SSI, visit website.com.

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