Making the Most Out of your Divorce Consultation

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Divorce Attorney

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Divorces, especially ones within a large family, can be messy business which is why receiving a free consultation is considered such a godsend among those who need a good attorney. A consultation can get you some good one on one time with your attorney, getting some last minute business wrapped up, etc. But how do you make the most out of this limited time, especially when you’re new to this? Well, if you are in search of a family divorce lawyer in Hollywood FL, here are some good tips on how to best make use of your time during a free consultation.

#1. Prepare yourself beforehand

This is likely going to be a very emotional experience for you, as your lawyer is going to have to bring up some heavy subject matter as they sift through your entire marriage. Prepare yourself emotionally for such an experience, take some time for yourself, go on a long walk, or treat yourself to a movie, anything that helps you calm down, before you begin the consultation. Know that it is okay to get emotional during the consultation, so don’t be ashamed when you just can’t hold back.

#2. Be ready to discuss assets

The next step in dealing with a consultation is discussing the assets you and your spouse have. This may include retirement funds, bank accounts, cars, businesses, homes, and boats. You’ll also need to discuss any debts you or your spouse may have and how they’ll be divied up between you, if you’ve racked up any debts in the other’s name. These range from student loan debt, to equity loans, to of course, credit card debts. Having an upfront talk about these assets will help the lawyer get a broader idea of the whole situation and help spot any issues that may be present.

#3. Have questions prepared

Not every situation is the same, and your attorney isn’t going to know every concern you have right off the bat. So have an extensive list of questions prepared for your consultation. How long they’ve worked in law, what their pay structure is, etc. Just general things to help you get a better idea of the lawyer you’re working with, and what the general plan for this case is. When going in for an initial consultation, there’s no such thing as too many questions.

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