Parents Need Aggressive DCFS Defense in Oswego, IL to Fight the Agency for Their Children

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Lawyers

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Anyone can make a child abuse allegation. Actually, many of the reports received by DCFS are made as a way to get revenge against someone. These reports come from estranged spouses, stepparents, and disgruntled neighbors. Many false reports are so serious that DCFS has no choice but to investigate. Ideally, the agency visits the home and the children and finds there is no reason for them to be involved. Unfortunately, some parents who did nothing wrong are caught in the system and need DCFS defense in Oswego, IL to help them get out.

Aggressive Defense

The stakes are too high in these cases for a parent to trust anyone but an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent them. Whether the parents are at risk of losing their children or going to jail, an aggressive attorney might help them assert their rights so they can be heard. DCFS social workers make determinations of abuse or neglect quickly, and the decisions they make after that aren’t always in the best interests of the children. Whether some of the facts of the case are true or if they are all false, a parent should never admit to charges against them without consulting The Cosentino Law Firm LLC.

Preserving the Family

Parents have rights, regardless of whether they have been accused of abuse or neglect. Except in very rare cases, parents are able to remain in contact with their children in foster care. Parents have the right to be reunited with their children if they meet the conditions set forth by the court and DCFS. Attorneys who focus on DCFS defense in Oswego, IL make sure the parent’s rights are respected and they are reconnected with their children quickly so the family can work through the trauma together.

Families don’t have to face these highly stressful situations alone. Attorneys who understand the law and will fight to protect a parent’s rights are available in the Oswego area. These lawyers have experience in the local court systems and know the DCFS rules and policies. Parents who need help fighting for their children should contact an attorney as soon as they feel threatened by DCFS involvement.

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