Paying an Injury Lawyer in Marana, AZ

by | May 29, 2017 | Lawyers

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People who are victims of an accident often hesitate to seek legal advice. They are concerned about money, how they will pay their bills as they recover from this accident and when they will be permitted to go back to work. Individuals need to understand how an attorney of this type is paid, as many will find they can seek this advice without the additional burden of paying an attorney before the case is settled.

Lawyers determine how they wish to be paid. Some opt to charge clients by the hour, and others charge a set fee based on the type of problem they will be working on for the client. The majority of personal injury lawyers in Arizona choose to work on what is known as a contingency fee. This means they receive a percentage of the final settlement amount awarded to the victim. How exactly does this work?

An injury lawyer in Marana, AZ agrees to take the case. Once they do so, their goal is to obtain the best settlement possible for the clients, as their pay depends on the results they obtain. In the event a settlement amount cannot be agreed on by all parties, the case proceeds to trial. At this time, a jury determines a fair amount. Before signing with an attorney, the victim needs to understand what percentage of the settlement will be claimed by the attorney. When the money is paid by the defendant, the lawyer receives their share and the victim retains the remainder.

As the case moves through the system, the injury lawyer in Marana, AZ pays any costs related to the litigation. These funds are then reimbursed out of the award, in addition to the attorney’s fees. This may include the cost of any investigators used to prove the victim’s claim, expert witnesses and more. Individuals need to understand their settlement will be reduced by this amount along with attorney fees, so there is no confusion when the case is finalized.

In the event the case is not won, the victim owes nothing to the attorney, in most cases. The victim may still be expected to pay any fees related to the litigation, and this must be determined before an attorney is hired. To learn more, contact the lawyers at Price and Price Law Office. They will be happy to answer any questions regarding attorney fees.

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