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Personal Injury Lawyers in Providence RI Help Clients Who Need Job Retraining

Personal injury lawyers in Providence, RI, help clients who need money for job retraining after an accident. When an accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, that individual or the insurance policy should pay for retraining if you no longer are able to do your previous job.

Continuing to Work
Another option would be to apply for Social Security disability payments, but not everyone wants to do that. You probably could earn more money if you keep working full-time and you may prefer to continue being a fully productive member of society. Personal injury lawyers in Providence, RI, include job retraining in their settlement demand letter. Other money in the settlement should pay for medical bills and lost wages.

Examples of Injuries
Serious injuries of various types can lead to an inability to return to one’s job. Amputation of a limb, an injury that causes chronic back pain when standing, and loss of the ability to lift heavy objects are examples. Someone who has chronic knee pain or weakness may not be able to drive professionally. At least one physician must confirm that you can no longer perform your previous job adequately or safely. That verification should qualify you for paid training for another occupation.

Rebutting Contradictory Information
It’s possible that the insurer will deny this request and provide conflicting details from a doctor of its own choosing. That doctor might say that surgery would likely resolve the problem. If this happens to you, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer in Providence, RI to effectively rebut that statement.

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