Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont Answer the Tough Questions.

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Lawyers

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It’s only natural for people who haven’t dealt with personal injury cases before to have a few questions for their personal injury lawyer in Vermont. When a person hires a lawyer to handle such a case, it’s their right to get as much information as possible. Time is often a concern of those seeking compensation and people want to know how long personal injury cases take, but the truth is that there isn’t any simple answer to that question. Some cases are resolved in a matter of months, and such cases can be settled out of court without much litigation.

However, there are also times when personal injury lawyers in Vermont have to work years to get cases resolved, which can be due to a variety of factors: when a lot of motions are filed, cases are extended—understand that both sides can file motions. The defendant is another factor: some people are determined to fight lawsuits until the bitter end; they refuse to even consider settling out of court. A person might also find that it is in his or her best interest to quickly resolve a case. A deposition may reveal facts that a person is trying to hide from others. McVeigh Skiff LLP and other lawyers carefully go over all the facts of the case before speculating on how likely an out-of-court settlement is.

Another difficult question to answer is concerning the monetary value of the case: how much is the lawsuit worth? The value of the case is determined in part by how bad the injury is, case specifics, insurance caps and who the lawsuit is being brought against. Things like medical bills, lost paychecks, and any pain and suffering have to be considered too; hence, a lawyer can make a good estimate after he or she has all the facts about the case.

It’s also good practice to take a lawyer’s advice on whether or not to accept a settlement offer, because some people go against their advice thinking they can get more money and it really is a gamble not worth taking. You can visit here to get more information.

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