Protecting the Rights of the Innocent: The Responsibilities of a Car Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Accident Attorney

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A car accident injury attorney in Birmingham, AL is the best line of defense an injured party has to protect them from financial distress. Too often accidents result in injuries that can leave people unable to work or with overwhelming medical debt. When that is added to the cost of replacing a vehicle and the emotional strain everyone involved undergoes, it is obvious the person who caused the incident should be forced to take some responsibility for their actions.

Every day in the United States insurance companies strives to make profits by paying out as little as possible for all claims. While this is a smart business tactic, it is not still not fair to those who must make do with less than they deserve, because of an accident that was not their fault. It is the job of a car accident injury attorney in Birmingham, AL to make certain this situation is repaired. They work directly with their clients to factor in all the expenses that were the result of the accident. This can include current and future medical bills, time lost from work and any other related expenses. With these numbers, an attorney is able to determine what the insurance company should actually pay their client. They will approach them to attempt to work out a settlement before ever stepping into court.

In nearly every case, the insurance company will agree to settle on the amount the client and attorney have found acceptable. This is because they know that by going to court they will only incur large debts and be responsible for the legal fees of the plaintiff if they are found guilty. Since it is faster, easier and often less expensive to settle, they will. It is a winning situation for the injured party, not just because they are able to get the money they need, but because a settlement means they will get it quickly as well.

People injured in car accidents will benefit the most when they receive their settlement as soon as possible. This makes it easier to pay bills while they are out of work and to cover medical bills without collection notices or interest charges. It is recommended accident victims contact an attorney immediately following any accident. At website URL, anyone can schedule a free consultation to discuss their case. Contact them today for more information.

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