Put Our Experience to Work for You in the Naturalized Citizenship Process

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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As soon as you immigrate to the United States, the countdown begins until the time when you can become a U.S. citizen. With naturalization comes certain rights that are extremely difficult to take away from you. Those include the right to vote, to travel without restraint, and the right to sponsor family members as immigrants, too.

The Requirements

Naturalization involves the process of becoming a United States citizen. That process involves meeting certain requirements. Here are some of them:

Actual physical presence in the United States.
Continuous residence in your state of residence for three months and the United States for five years.
Being a permanent resident of the United States for five years, but in some cases only three years is required.
English language capabilities.
An understanding of United States history, its government structure, and the political process.

The Requirements are Detailed and Complex

Aside from the ones listed above, many other requirements must be fulfilled by you. The application process is detailed and sometimes difficult, especially if a person used bad judgment in the past and was convicted of a crime. That’s because a person must show good moral character in order to become a United States citizen. Whether it’s an error or omission in your paperwork or a criminal conviction in the past, an experienced and effective citizenship lawyer in Dallas, TX, can be pivotal in helping you overcome the highly detailed and complex requirements of the naturalization process.

You’ve worked hard for many years for this opportunity, so you want everything done right the first time without requests for supplemental information or documentation. A citizenship lawyer in Dallas, TX, from the DFW Law Group can be your guide during every step of the process of becoming a United States citizen. We’ve assisted countless immigrants through this process, even those who have been convicted of crimes in the past. Visit Khavari & Moghadassi for more information.

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