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Reasons You Need a Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be quite complicated when you have children and a home. Even without those two things there are retirement accounts, Social Security benefits, and a host of items and assets to wade through and unfortunately for some, to fight over. Emotions run high at this time and attorneys can clear away the unnecessary influences and get to the important issues.

Negotiating a Settlement

There are many valid reasons to hire Divorce Attorneys in Chico CA, but having one to help you through settlement talks is a pretty good one. The divorcing parties may have a hard time coming to any agreements, but attorneys can help you to see what is fair. This can speed the settlement talks and reduce the stress in your life.

Your Attorney can speak to Your Partner for You

When you are going through a divorce you may be holding some hurt or negative feelings toward your spouse. Many times meetings involving the both of you wind up in bitter arguments. Your attorney can help alleviate some of this by talking to your other half through their attorney for you.

A Divorce Attorney can protect Your Rights

All of these factors can play a role in what you will be entitled to during your divorce: how long you have been married, whether or not there was a prenup agreement and the laws in your state. You may not only be entitled to a portion of the marital assets, but to shares of pensions, other settlement payouts and a variety of other assorted items. Your attorney will help you in finding those items and getting then listed in writing in your settlement agreement. Amaya and Associates are knowledgeable in all aspects of California Family Law and have been working hand in hand with the legal system in northern California for 14 years.

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