Reviewing Procedures With A Truck Accident Attorney In Bowie, MD

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Attorney

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In Maryland, commercial trucking accidents could lead to a variety of probabilities. First, the driver must be assessed to determine if they followed all Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations. If they didn’t, the driver and the trucking company are liable. However, further probabilities could apply to these accidents. The following is a review of procedures with a Truck Accident Attorney in Bowie MD.

Preliminary Investigation and Accident Injuries

The general assessment is conducted at the scene of the accident. The officers review the events that caused the accident and determine who is at fault on a preliminary basis. They complete an accident report and identify all parties that were involved in the accident. The commercial truck is taken into custody for a more thorough assessment.

Full Assessment of the Vehicle

The vehicle is inspected for weight-related issues that could have been resolved at a weighing station. The mechanical repairs and maintenance steps that are required for these vehicles are traced and assessed. The purpose of the investigation is to determine if the truck didn’t follow protocol or if the company didn’t manage the truck as expected according to federal regulations.

Processing Insurance Claims

All insurance claims are processed according to which driver was at fault. The insurance is required to pay for all injuries and medical requirements. The victims can also file a claim for property damage and auto repair requirements. If the insurance doesn’t provide funds, the victim or victims have access to legal claims.

When a Lawsuit is Needed

A lawsuit is needed when the victims cannot collect through insurance policies. They can file a claim for all their losses including wages that weren’t collected due to their recovery period for their accident injuries. In some cases, the victims can acquire more substantial awards based on permanent injuries and disabilities.

In Maryland, commercial trucking companies must comply with federal regulations. A failure to comply with these laws makes them liable for trucking accidents. These companies may become the defendant in a lawsuit if they don’t follow proper protocol for providing compensation. Victims of these accidents contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Bowie MD or Visit Website Domain for further details.

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