Slow Down and Take Pause, Get Legal Advice in Waldorf MD After a Slip and Fall

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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A slip and fall injury can easily be dismissed as just a small little incident. 99 times out of 100, it is. But, it may be more. It is this “more” that individuals who fall in an establishment may need to be worried about because a fall could lead to sustained injuries that may not surface for weeks or months after the fact. What do people do if they suspect that a seemingly small slip and fall could have led to a further injury? The first step is to receive legal advice in Waldorf MD.

Advice, Not Action- Yet

A person may have the desire to look into the story and try to piece it together with evidence and documents. It may be natural to take a detailed look at all the pieces before visiting a lawyer. But, if makes more sense to just go and see a lawyer before making any big moves towards legal advice in Waldorf MD.

Without the backing of a lawyer and the legality of their involvement, a client may be on a slippery slope in the acquisition of contents. It is possible that actions prior to seeing a lawyer could impact a potential case.


For example, the injured may contact an establishment through email, and state some things they believe about the situation. They could unintentionally point blame, which would possibly register as aggressive. It also puts a person in a box. It would be hard to step back and say “no, I blamed the wrong person.”

There may also be an issue of taking the blame, which is its own little dilemma. A person may unintentionally say they saw the wet floor sign, for example. Well, they can’t backpedal and say they did not. This closes the possible courses of action. Say, for example, the wet floor sign was in the wrong location and the individual stated they saw it.

Now the case is blurred and harder to decipher because the injured said they saw a sign. The establishment defense could just stick to that comment and say that a sign was present. Visit website domain for more information on how to proceed for legal advice.

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