The Benefits of Hiring a DWI Defense Lawyer in Dallas TX

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Courts take DWI cases very seriously. If you have been charged with such an offense, going in front of a judge will not be a pleasant experience. If you have been charged with DUI or DWI, your best course of action is to engage the professional services of a knowledgeable DWI defense lawyer in Dallas TX. When arrested for such an offense, you do not have to answer any questions from law enforcement personnel until such time that a lawyer represents you. In this way, your rights are preserved.

A DWI defense lawyer knows the law, the possible defenses, and the local prosecutors. This knowledge puts your lawyer into a far better position to present your case in a manner most advantageous to you. Effective lawyers can often have the case dismissed or at least negotiate for a reduced penalty.

Advantages of Hiring a Good DWI Defense Lawyer

A significant advantage to hiring a good DWI defense lawyer is the fact he or she knows the law and the rules that apply when a client is being prosecuted for driving while intoxicated. Many lawyers can draft a pleading; however, they may not be aware of the current requirements for field sobriety tests, blood draws, breath tests, etc. A seasoned DWI lawyer will know how the law applies and be able to recognize an anomaly that can be used to get the case dismissed or result in a lesser sentence.

Other equally important benefits include:

  • You have a knowledgeable advocate speaking for you, using the law on your behalf.

  • Your rights are protected.

  • The entire process moves quicker and smoother.

  • You will be kept abreast of the proceedings and how they influence the results.

As you can see, hiring a good DWI defense lawyer in Dallas TX is to your advantage in the event you are charged with driving while intoxicated. Visit Khavari & Moghadassi for more information.

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