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The Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Hickory NC Can Help You With a Problem Getting Your Benefits

If you are injured at work or while working off-site, then your medicals bills will be paid and a significant portion of your income will be paid. This is an entitlement provided by law. Of course, an entitlement does not always mean you are going to get paid. Some workers have trouble collecting their worker’s compensation benefits because the party responsible for paying the benefits choose not to.

You would be wise to consult with the Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Hickory NC before you file your first application for benefits. The attorney can help you avoid some pitfalls, but he cannot be sure about all of the rejection criteria that may be applied to your application. You have a second opportunity to file after the first rejection.

If the second application is rejected, then you have a right to an Administrative Law Hearing which is not like a courtroom trial. It is held in a conference room and it is conducted by an attorney who is referred to as “judge.” He does not wear a robe. So, the setting is much more relaxed. Close to 80 percent of the cases taken to Hearing are won by the claimant.

The Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Hickory NC will be well prepared for the Hearing. He will have all of your medical records and the prognosis for your healing and the time you will be able to return to work. He will also have details about how the accident occurred and what caused it. This information is essential in establishing employer responsibility.

He may retain a medical consultant experienced in your injury to review your medical records and your injury. He may ask this person to be an expert witness at the Hearing. This is very helpful if your injury is a complex medical condition.
There is always the possibility that your claim may be settled before the Hearing, but no one should count on this happening.

You do not have to pay the attorney any money up front which means that you can get the Hearing process started and finished without having to spend any of your money up front. Visit

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