Three Reasons Why a Real Estate Lawyer in Cornelius, NC Is a Necessary Piece of the Home Buying Puzzle

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Lawyers

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Making the decision to purchase a home is at once very exciting and extremely scary. While a buyer may be anticipating the opportunity to begin a new chapter of their lives in a new home, there are also a lot of legal and financial concerns that they must navigate. Having a real estate agent can help the process run more smoothly, but a home buyer’s support team remains incomplete without the addition of an experienced real estate attorney. Although some people would advise otherwise, read on to find out why hiring a real estate lawyer is a must.

• The purchase agreement: In order to facilitate the purchase of the home, many buyers and sellers resort to using standard forms that don’t mention the unique terms of the purchase. A real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC will ensure that a purchase agreement accurately reflects what both the buyer and the seller want. The purchase agreement should always outline what will happen if financing falls through, or hazards (like radon or termites) are discovered. With an attorney’s help, a buyer can make sure their interest is protected in the purchase agreement.

• The title search: During a title search, an attorney can help make sure that the home’s title is free and clear of any issues. They can ensure that the legal description of the home is correct on the title. In addition, the buyer’s attorney has the ability to advise them as to whether or not there are any issues with previous owners as well as any restrictions that have been placed on the home.

• The closing meeting: Home closings are rarely as straightforward as buyers anticipate. Disputes and negotiations about things like taxes, possession, and various costs can still arise at this point. Having a real estate lawyer in Cornelius, NC present at the closing meeting will help to ensure that the buyer’s rights are not violated in what can sometimes be a complicated and confusing process.

While there are some people who continue to believe that a real estate agent is the only person necessary to the success of a home buying transaction, nothing could be further from the truth. For those who want to give themselves the chance of having no regrets after closing on a home, visit us online at to learn more about how a real estate attorney’s assistance can provide peace of mind for concerned buyers.

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