Tips for Child Support Hearings and When to Hire a Child Support Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Lawyers

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Facing a child custody hearing can be intimidating. While hiring a child support lawyer in Winnebago County, IL can help, there are also certain factors about the hearing that can be beneficial to know about. The tips here will help ensure any parent is fully prepared for the hearing.

Income Requirements

When attending a child custody hearing, the person must present their income as well as the other parent’s. This can be done by producing bank statements, tax returns, and wage statements. The child support lawyer in Winnebago County, IL will submit subpoenas for the banking and wage information from the other person. Once the documents are received, they must also be given to the opposing side, so they are considered admissible records.

Providing All Documents to the Other Side

All documents that are gathered and used as evidence during a child custody case must be given to the other side, as well. This can include things such as the cost of health care for the child, tutoring costs, child care receipts, income information, etc.

It is also important to have supporting documents that prove the cost of things such as medical insurance or other expenses for minor children. In many situations, parties have family coverage, which means that they will have to break down the costs for the child or children only.

Determine an Ideal Child Custody Plan

It is a good idea for a parent to determine their ideal child custody plan prior to going to court. Presenting this to the judge and supporting what is wanted with facts and information is the best way to have the chance of a successful outcome. In most cases, a person’s lawyer can help them come up with a child custody plan that meets their wants and needs.

Don’t underestimate the benefit offered by hiring a quality child custody attorney. They can help a parent achieve what they desire from an arrangement. More information about hiring an attorney and how to handle a child custody hearing can be found by taking some time to click here. Being informed is the best way to handle any issue involving child custody.

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