Top Reasons Why You Need an Illinois Lawyer for Your Workers Comp Case

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Attorney

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Trying to save money by handling your worker’s comp case on your own can quickly turn into a terrible idea. The main reason for this is that any legal issue, no matter what it is, should be handled by a legal professional. There are many other reasons why you’ll want a lawyer to handle your claim for workers compensation in Lockport.

Even if you are lucky and have nobody trying to fight your claim, you will still want a lawyer to take a look at your case and evaluate it to make sure you are being offered a fair settlement. In some states, the insurance company may offer you a lump sum payment. While this sounds great on the surface, you will want to make sure that the payment will be able to cover your medical expenses, both current and in the future, as well as other pre-determined expenses that may occur.

Filing The Actual Claim
Sometimes injuries that qualify for a workman’s comp claim do not happen immediately. It could be days or even longer before the pain and discomfort become noticeable. An experienced lawyer will help you file the claim and get all of the necessary medical paperwork needed to back up your claim for workers compensation at Lockport. Failing to do this may result in your claim being denied or thrown out of court due to a lack of evidence. If you need to hire an experienced attorney to ensure you get what you are owed, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.

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