Tracing the Origins of Defects with a Product Liability Lawyer in Beaumont

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In Texas, product liability cases are often based on a flaw or defect. These defects present a risk to consumers and are often unreported by the manufacturer. According to consumer rights laws, the manufacturer must affix a warning label even if the risk is minimal. This label must explain the possible methods that lead to the risks and how to avoid them. The following are details about tracing the origin of the defect with a product liability lawyer in Beaumont.

Securing the Testing Results for the Products

The court can issue a subpoena to acquire any results for tests conducted by the manufacturer. These tests are evaluated to determine if the manufacturer was aware of any defects prior to producing the item and releasing it to the public. These tests must present evidence of any known risks that could harm consumers. If these tests don’t show any risks, the court can submit the product for testing to evaluate it more fully.

Assessment of the Product Design

The product design is acquired from the manufacturer as well. The court reviews this design and how the product is intended to work. They also identify any design flaws or defects that could present risks to the consumers. These risks are cataloged for the case and presented with forensic evidence.

Reviewing the Product Inspection

Each product must be inspected for quality and other issues before it is packaged for shipment. The court can also acquire the documentation for these tests and inspections. They determine if the flaw was present before the item shipped from the manufacturing plant.

Assessing the Chain of Possession

The chain of possession is also important, as it defines who had possession of the item before the consumer. All parties were required to sign an invoice for the item and report its condition. These assessments are also evaluated.

In Texas, a product liability is any flaw that led to a consumer-based injury. These flaws create a liability for the manufacturer or the retail store that sold the items. Victims who sustained injuries should contact a product liability lawyer in Beaumont at Ramsey Law Firm or browse the website for further details.

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