Understanding Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Services in New Haven, IN

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Lawyers

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Farmers and fishermen who are under immense debt often find themselves struggling to pay their bills due to their financial needs and their money being tied up in their assets. Trying to file for bankruptcy to improve their financial situation can be difficult, which is why it is important for these clients to rely on reputable Chapter 12 bankruptcy services.

Who Can Benefit?

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from Chapter 12 bankruptcy services in New Haven, IN. Only people who are individual fishermen or farmers will be able to utilize this type of bankruptcy. Additionally, businesses that have more than 50% of the ownership held by one single family can also benefit from this type of bankruptcy. There are a number of requirements that an individual or a business has to meet in order to be able to file for this type of bankruptcy, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional to help.

Getting the Help Necessary

Unfortunately, like with other types of bankruptcy, Chapter 12 bankruptcy is very intimidating, can take a long time to file, and generally needs to be completed by an expert. Hiring a professional who specializes in Chapter 12 bankruptcy services will ensure that the individual or business entity is taken care of during this difficult time. It’s a good idea to have a consultation with a professional who provides this type of service before deciding on filing for this type of bankruptcy.

By scheduling a consultation with Fred Wehrwein, P.C, both individuals and business owners will be able to learn more about this bankruptcy process and whether or not it will benefit them. It’s only when relying on an expert for help can individuals rest easy knowing that they will get the care that they need to file for bankruptcy correctly and to come out on the other side in a better situation. You can connect them on Twitter.

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