What To Discuss With A Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Accident Attorney

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In Michigan, trucking accidents are caused by exhausted driving, DUI, and adverse road conditions primarily. When a lawsuit is filed, the claimant must show that the at-fault driver caused their injuries and is liable. Creating a claim for a trucking accident requires extensive information. A Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI helps the victims start a legal claim.

Launching an Accident Investigation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires an investigation of any accident involving an 18-wheeler. The investigation determines if the truck driver was at fault or if extenuating circumstances applied. The truck is evaluated for issues, and the driver’s log is reviewed to determine if they followed safety regulations.

The Condition of the Driver

The driver is evaluated to determine if they are guilty of a DUI. The officers complete a breathalyzer test at the scene of the accident. If the driver is guilty, formal charges are filed against them. If the commercial driver was at fault for the accident, additional charges could apply.

Who was Injured During the Accident?

The accident report shows all parties that were involved in the accident and who was injured. All victims involved in the accident should get insurance information from the at-fault driver. Anyone who needs immediate emergency medical help is sent to the hospital for a complete assessment. Their medical files are used to substantiate their legal claim against the at-fault driver if a legal claim is filed.

Where the Liability Lies

If the driver is an independent business owner, he or she faces the liability of the accident if their insurer doesn’t provide coverage. Commercial trucking companies file insurance claims to cover accident expenses and financial losses. If their insurer denies the claim, the company faces the liability.

In Michigan, trucking accident claims are based on fault. The accident report and investigation findings show who was involved in the accident and how each party was injured. Insurance claims offer coverage for medical expenses and auto repair costs in some cases. Claimants who were denied coverage and need a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI contact Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.

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