When You Should Hire Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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The services of a criminal lawyer are vital when a person is accused of a crime. A criminal lawyer has a good knowledge of the various aspects of criminal law. The lawyer will offer you excellent legal representation, so as to keep your record clean, and allow you to walk away a free person. The following are some of the major instances you may need to avail the services of qualified Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia.


DUI is a term used in law to mean Driving under Influence. Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious crime with severe consequences. When you arrested for DUI, you risk losing your driving, jail term or a huge fine. It is therefore imperative that you contact Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia to help you handle your DUI case. The lawyer has handled similar cases before, and will therefore know exactly what needs to be done to resolve the matter.

Drug Trafficking

There are many kinds of drug offenses. Some of the major include the possession of illegal drugs, manufacturing, selling, trafficking, etc. The severity of the crime is determined by the amount of the drugs involved. If you arrested for a drug offense, it is essential you contact Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia as soon as possible. The lawyer will study the severity of the crime, and provide legal advice on how o handle the matter. Your lawyer will act as your legal representative, and handle all the various legal procedures involved on your behalf.

Assault or Battery

An assault takes place with or without a dangerous weapon. When an assault is committed with the intention to kill, it is classified as a criminal offense. In order to free yourself from assault charges, you need to hire the services of a criminal attorney.


Theft includes robbery, burglary, shoplifting etc. These crimes mostly take place when the property owners are away. There are many forms of robbery and if caught, the accused have to undergo a long trial. In such situations, the accused should hire the services of Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia at the first opportunity.

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