When Your Spouse Refuses to Negotiate, Contact a Divorce Attorney in Brainerd, MN

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Divorce Attorney

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Some divorces are easy. Both spouses agree to the major issues, such as who gets to keep the house and where the children will primarily live. They might even use mediation to settle other issues, such as division of other marital assets and spousal support. These types of divorces are quick and easy. They also tend to be less expensive. However, some divorcing couples are not able to agree on the terms of their divorce and eventually have to resort to litigation in order to resolve their differences and move on with their lives separately. In these cases, having a contested divorce attorney in Brainerd, MN. might help someone going through this stressful situation feel more in control of their life.

Spouses are entitled to equitable distribution of their assets. Bullying and manipulation, if not kept under control by a skilled attorney, can result in one spouse getting less than their fair share of the assets they worked so hard to acquire during their marriage. Some divorcing clients aren’t even aware of a portion of the assets they own. Their spouse may have gone to considerable lengths to hide money, real estate, and brokerage accounts so they wouldn’t have to divide them in the divorce. When a manipulative spouse is unwilling to compromise or disclose assets, an experienced attorney may use resources, such as a forensic accountant and other experts, to prove the existence of assets and get their client their fair share of the marital property.

Divorce trials can be long and emotionally exhausting. It’s important to have a contested divorce attorney in Brainerd, MN. who understands the stress involved in this process. Although these types of divorce can be more expensive, the cost is often worth it when the alternative is giving up everything and starting over without the funds to even rent and furnish a suitable apartment. Sometimes an attorney is able to help a client without a stable source of income get a child and spousal support while their divorce case is pending so they have the money to live until they get a settlement.

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