Why Should an Accident Victim Consider Hiring an Accident Attorney in Queens NY?

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Lawyers

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Not every accident results in the need to hire legal counsel. If an accident results in just property damage, the responsible party will likely end up compensating for the current market value of the damaged items. Valuation of physical damage and loss is pretty simple and straightforward. However, legal counsel is usually needed when serious injuries are involved for a couple of reasons. Victims in the Queens area who have suffered major injuries in an accident caused by another party should seriously consider hiring legal counsel. An accident attorney in Queens NY area is often the difference between getting a big settlement or jury award and getting next to nothing.

First of all, it is hard to accurately value someone’s injuries. How much pain does the victim have? How long will the injuries last? Will the victim be able to work despite the injuries? The insurance company may believe that the victim is malingering in order to increase the eventual settlement. The uncertainty and difficulties in evaluating a victim’s injuries also present an opportunity for the insurance company to decrease the settlement significantly. That is why it is important for victims with serious injuries from an accident to consider hiring an Accident Attorney in Queens NY.

Because of the large amount of money involved in accident cases with serious injuries, insurers will look for ways to reduce their financial liability as much as possible. The insurers are there to make money for their owners. They do not exist to pay all claims fairly regardless of profit. Insurance adjusters know that victims with no legal representation are unlikely to file lawsuits. That is why it is very important for an accident victim to hire an Accident Attorney.

The best time for accident victims to hire legal counsel is as soon as possible. Insurance company representatives often try to trick victims into admitting fault, even if they did not cause the accident. Many accident lawyers are willing to visit a victim that is still recovering in the hospital. There is no reason to wait. Almost all accident lawyers are willing to give an initial consultation for free. Accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means victims pay nothing to the accident lawyers unless there is a settlement or jury award.

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