A Criminal Attorney In Wichita KS Is Vital In Protecting The Rights Of The Acussed

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Attorney

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A criminal attorney is absolutely essential to have fighting for you if you have been accused of a crime or expect to be accused. If you have reason to believe you are under a criminal investigation, then it would be very appropriate to involve a criminal attorney as soon as possible. When an attorney gets involved, a message is given to the investigators reminding them of the client’s rights. This message may also open the doors to the investigation enabling the attorney to get involved early and stop certain actions which are contrary to the law.

A criminal attorney can protect the client’s 5th amendment rights which ensure that the client does not have to answer questions and cannot be intimidated into doing so. Many legal experts in criminal law have stated that most people accused of a crime convict themselves by saying too much to the investigating officers, or by lying to the officers. Many people go to jail for lying without ever being convicted of a crime. This happens at the Federal level and the state level. Many high profile defendants have been convicted of lying, but they have not been convicted of the crime they were accused of committing.

Many accused people are intimidated by the police and the prosecutor into confessing to a crime they didn’t commit. The nationally acclaimed Innocence Project was involved in many of the 317 DNA exonerations. In many of these cases, the accused confessed after extensive interrogation without an attorney present.

There can be no doubt about the value of a Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS who knows the court system, and knows the process for conducting the defense beginning with the arraignment. The attorney will know what evidence is admissible and what must be excluded, but without his presence, the prosecutor will try to get any evidence admitted he thinks will help his case.

A Criminal Attorney in Wichita KS can often negotiate a plea bargain if he believes his client is likely to be convicted. This process requires a working relationship with the prosecutor which a criminal attorney has generally established. An accused person can consult with Rocky Wiechman Law.

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