A Drug Case Attorney in San Diego CA: Drug Crime Charges

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Attorney

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Dealing in drugs prohibited by the law is a criminal offense. A Drug Case Attorney in San Diego CA can help with all drug offenses you might be charged with. Below are a number of drug charges that a drug attorney can help you with.

Trafficking and Distribution: If you are caught selling, providing or delivering illegal drugs, you are charged with trafficking and distribution. Sometimes undercover police officers are placed in the line of distribution and once you sell the drugs to them, the above charges are undeniable.

Controlled Substance: When a drug or substance is termed as controlled, it means that its distribution and use is controlled by the law. Any offender found misusing the controlled substances against the law is charged with the violation of that law.

Possession: Most people that get arrested over illegal drug issues are mostly found in possession of it without a valid reason. The amount you are caught in possession of can also make the charges serious. If you are caught with large quantities believed to have been for distribution, the charges are more severe compared to if you only had a little for personal use. In possession charges, you do not need to have the drugs on you. If the drugs are found in your house or car for instance, then the possession charges are also valid. However, if the officers used illegal means of acquiring the drug you had in possession, the case cannot be valid under a court of law as all evidences must be acquired through legal means as required by the law.

Manufacturing: Manufacture and growth of controlled substances is illegal by all means. Some substances can be produced in a lab like cocaine and LSD while others can be cultivated on land then later manufactured to get the illegal drugs. Some of the elements that can be produced through cultivation include marijuana plants and cannabis seeds.

For first-time drug offenders, get a Drug Case Attorney in San Diego CA, and he will help you get clean records within 18 months whether you are guilty of a crime or not.

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