A Social Security Lawyer around Me Can Help Clients Get Back Pay

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Attorney

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If a person has not yet gained approval for Social Security disability benefits, it’s hard to know when that back pay may come, especially when appealing a claim denial. Once monthly deposits from the SSA begin, back pay will usually come soon after. When claims are denied, claimants need to find a Social Security Lawyer around Me who can help them get the pay they deserve.

SSD Back Pay: What Is It?

Back pay includes the benefits a person qualifies for but has not been paid while the Social Security Administration considered the application. In most cases, back pay comes after an applicant appeals a denial letter. While an attorney fights for a client’s monthly benefits, the pay they qualify for accumulates. Some claims take years, although a person’s disability may prevent them from working. With a disability lawyer’s help, it’s easier for claimants to fight for their benefits.

How Will Back Pay Come?

Social Security disability back pay is given in a lump sum that’s separate from the regular monthly deposit. While the sum doesn’t come immediately after approval, processing is usually quick. If the deposit takes longer than expected, an attorney will follow up with the SSA to see what’s behind the delay.

Is It Possible to Gain Retroactive Benefits?

Some individuals may qualify for extra back pay based on when the disability first arose and when they filed the claim. Referred to as retroactive benefits, this sort of back pay covers up to a year before the filing date.

Does the SSDI Waiting Period Affect Back Pay?

There’s a five-month waiting period for disability benefits, which means even if a claimant receives approval right away, they won’t get benefits until five months after the date of the disability’s onset. If a person files an appeal or they are eligible for retroactive benefits, it will reduce the back pay by the equivalent of five months of payments.

Navigating the disability claims process isn’t easy, especially when a claim is at first denied. However, with an attorney’s help, the process may be expedited. Visit website.com to consult a Social Security Lawyer around Me.

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