Arrested? A Drug Possession Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA Can Help

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Attorney

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Drug possession charges need to be carefully handled by a drug possession attorney in Baton Rouge, LA. There is often no getting around this since the accused will want to minimize the penalties they’re facing. With drug possession charges, the person could be facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge and could have their life and future impacted by a conviction.

Potential Penalties for Drug Possession Convictions

Misdemeanor drug possession charges can lead to up to a year in jail and numerous fines. Felony drug charges, on the other hand, could lead to many years in jail, thousands in fines, and the loss of basic rights. With a felony conviction on their record, the person will not be able to own firearms or vote. The difference between a felony and a misdemeanor charge can depend on not only the number of drugs a person is accused of having but the type of drugs as well.

Impact on the Present and the Future

An arrest could lead the person to lose their job, depending on the kind of job they have. It could mean they are kicked out of their college if they are in college at the time of the arrest. An arrested person could also end up having trouble with expenses like their rent if they spend a significant amount of time in jail waiting for their trial or if they lose their job because of the arrest. This can happen before they’re even convicted of a crime.

The sentence could also prevent them from getting new jobs in the future, They may also not be able to live in certain places and will end up losing some of their basic rights because of the conviction.

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