Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury happens more than you can imagine. People get injured in car accidents resulting from the negligence of another party. Also, you could get bitten by a loose dog in the neighborhood or fall due to a slippery floor at your workplace. Personal injuries occur in an array of situations. You are entitled to compensation for the injuries suffered due to someone else’s negligence. However, sometimes embarking on a personal injury claims can be overwhelming. The misinformation regarding the process of filing personal injury claim discourages people from embarking on the claim. But, you need to get the facts right so that you make an informed decision.

There’s No Timeline
Sometimes victims wait for a long time to file personal injury claims. They have a misconception that personal injury claims don’t have a time limit. In reality, most states have a specific duration within, which victims can file personal injury claims. Therefore, you are not allowed to file for personal injury claims once the timeline elapses.

You Don’t Need a Lawyer if You Have Insurance
The truth is that you need the personal injury attorney Ponte Vedra offers even if you have insurance. You require a personal injury attorney to help you reach an agreement or settlement for the injuries even if you have insurance to cover medical costs. Besides, insurance companies don’t always have your best interest in mind. You need a lawyer to increase your chances of getting compensation benefits.

You Have to Go to Court to Settle Your Case
In reality, you can settle a personal injury case without going to court. However, you will need the personal injury attorney Ponte Vedra offers to represent your interest and help you get a fair settlement. Studies reveal that close to 90 percent of personal injury cases are settled out-of-court.

You need to familiarize with these myths and the truth before you start filing a personal injury claim. You shouldn’t let the misconceptions prevent you from pursuing your case. Also, make sure you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to get your rightful settlement.

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