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by | Jun 23, 2023 | Law

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Workers’ compensation attorney in Joliet, IL is a critical safeguard for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. But claiming benefits can be complex, and it often requires expert help to ensure workers get the compensation they are entitled to. This is where a workers’ compensation attorney plays a vital role.

1. Navigating the Complex Workers’ Compensation Process

Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated insurance scheme that helps workers deal with workplace injuries. When an employee gets hurt in Illinois, the employer must file a compensation claim with the Industrial Commission for Occupational Injuries (ICII), which administers workers’ compensation.

2. Protecting Your Rights as an Injured Worker

You must seek medical treatment for your work-related injury to file a workers’ compensation claim. Once you have received treatment and can return to work, you may file an initial claim with the ICI. They will make an initial determination of the length of disability and then schedule a date for a hearing before an independent physician.

3. Maximizing Your Compensation Benefits

If you and the ICI do not reach a compensation agreement, the case will be heard before an administrative law judge. Only when all appeals have been exhausted will your case be settled in court.

4. Representing You in Disputes and Hearings

Compensation disputes can arise when you become eligible to return to work but your employer refuses to let you return. Employers may also stop paying your compensation benefits after you have reached the most significant amount payable under the law. A workers’ compensation attorney can defend your right to receive compensation and can be instrumental in getting you back to work.

With a workers compensation attorney in Joliet, IL, you can rest assured that your case will be handled. You will also have the confidence and peace of mind from knowing you are getting the compensation you deserve on your claim. For trusted and comprehensive legal representation in your workers’ compensation case, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C.

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