Finding the Criminal Defense Attorney that’s Right for You

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Attorney

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If you’ve been charged or arrested for a crime and you’re trying to find the right attorney, the entire process can be both intimidating and frightening. When the possibility of serving jail time is staring you in the face, you need to know you are going to be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Ending up with the wrong representation can ruin your career or finances. Finding someone that can thoroughly understand your situation and work with you one-on-one is the most important first step to make.

Look for a Lawyer with Experience

You want to make sure your representation has experience in the specific kinds of cases that are similar to your charge. Find out how long they have been representing people in your situation, how many cases like yours have they experienced, and how many cases they have taken to trial. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, you need to know you are going to be helped by a confident and experienced lawyer. In the end, it is up to you to decide the amount of experience you feel comfortable with. Click here to know more.

Feel Comfortable with your Representation

You are going to be working closely with your attorney for quite some time, so make sure you are comfortable with them as a person. Do they treat you as an individual, talk to you honestly and openly, ask questions about your case and seem genuinely interested in helping you? Are they explaining the process to you clearly and openly reply to your questions and concerns? These are all very important factors to consider. If you are not comfortable and honest with your representation, they may not be receiving important information to help you with your case.

Beware of False Promises

When you have an initial consultation with a lawyer, you want to be reassured and feel that you are being taken care of. However, beware of false promises. If your lawyer is quick to say your case will be dismissed and that everything will be perfectly fine in that very first meeting, this may be reassuring to hear, but can also raise a red flag. You are a unique individual, unlike any other person. Your case is unique as well. You want to find an attorney that treats you as that individual, wants to hear about every detail, and is willing to tailor a defense plan that works for you personally.

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