Getting Help to Stop Foreclosures in Gainesville, Georgia

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Bankruptcy Attorney

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One of the most stressful times in a person’s life may be when they are in danger of losing the home. Many people go into the foreclosure process each year without hope of saving their home or recovering from the loss of it. There is a bankruptcy lawyer who helps clients to stop foreclosures in Gainesville, Georgia. These are some of the processes and procedures clients want to keep in mind.

The Two Basic Types of Foreclosures

When the foreclosure process has been launched against a homeowner, there are two basic types used: the judicial foreclosure and the non-judicial foreclosure. In the first type, a lawsuit is filed to get a court order for foreclosure. This usually happens because there is no power of sale in the mortgage. The property is auctioned off after the court’s declaration of a foreclosure.

The Non-Judicial Foreclosure

In the non-judicial foreclosure, the power of sale is present, meaning that there is a clause that allows for sale of the property in event of the homeowner’s default. A foreclosure notice must be mailed to the homeowner 15 days prior to the foreclosure sale. Of course, the homeowner wants to avoid all of this, and hiring an attorney is the safest way to go. The attorney may actually be able to help stop the foreclosure.

How to Stop Foreclosure in Georgia

Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy is one way that attorneys help their clients to avoid foreclosure. The chapter 13 bankruptcy simply allows for a reorganization of the homeowner’s debts and usually gives them three years to pay off a court-guided payment plan. Under the direction of an attorney, many lenders may work with the homeowner on a payment plan that will help the lender catch up.

An Attorney Who Can Help

Chris Carouthers & Associates are attorneys in the Gainesville, Georgia area who can help clients with foreclosure or debt relief issues. In addition, they also help clients with personal injury cases. If there are any potential clients who need help to stop foreclosures in Gainesville, Georgia, the attorneys are available. Visit and schedule a free consultation.

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