Hiring a Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence. If you’ve spent any time inside a motor vehicle, you have either witnessed an accident or been a victim yourself. Generally, the majority of these accidents result in minor to no injuries and can easily be settled by contacting the insurance company yourself. However, when an accident results in severe physical injuries, significant damage, or even death, legal representation from a Missouri Car Accident Lawyer is likely needed.

What to Look for in an Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys have the expertise to deal with many issues, including wrongful death, property damage, and determinations of liability. When you look for an attorney, it’s important to ensure that he or she has experience in each of these categories. In law, an excellent education and training are important, but having experience is superior. Look for an attorney who provides their clients with great skills and true commitment. You also need to ensure that his or her fee structure will fit within your budget. It is also a good idea to look for an attorney who will accept your case on a contingency basis. Take time to research their background and track record, as well as references, before making your decision.

When to Contact an Attorney?

The best time to contact an attorney is immediately after an accident has occurred. The earlier you contact an attorney, the better chance you have of avoiding mistakes that will cost you dearly in the end. Generally, the deadline to file a personal injury claim resulting from an accident will vary; however, time is of the essence. In addition to filing requirements, you’ll also need assistance with your mounting medical bills and other fees. Hiring an attorney right away can help you get that assistance promptly. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need to hire an attorney before the insurance company starts contacting you, which is generally around a week after the accident has occurred.

Only an experienced Missouri Car Accident Lawyer can assist you in getting the compensation you both need and deserve. Mounting medical expenses, lost wages, repairs to your vehicles, and loss of life are just some of the issues an attorney can help you and your family deal with.

An experienced Missouri Car Accident Lawyer at Steelman Gaunt Crowley can assist you in getting the compensation you both need and deserve.

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