How A Springfield Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Setting Bond

by | May 23, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Is someone you know and love in jail in Sangamon County and in need of help setting bond? If you are charged with a crime, a bond is typically set to ensure you make your appearance before the court. This means you can continue with your daily tasks until your day in court. A Springfield criminal defense attorney may be able to help in your loved one’s defense in a bond hearing or getting a bond set after hours.

In Court

One of the first steps in some court cases is a bond hearing where the judge sets an amount to be paid in order to get out of jail. If your loved one are facing a felony, a certain type of misdemeanor or possibly another type of issue, contact a Springfield criminal defense attorney today to help defend in bond court. Most crimes don’t have a set bond amount so judges will consider many things when deciding how much bond should be set.

Rules to Follow

There are many things your loved one must do if they are given a bond. A Springfield criminal defense attorney can help you understand these rules and guidelines and help your loved one follow them to stay out of jail. They must come to all the court dates and obey all the court orders. They must also not commit any other crimes during this time period. Other restrictions may include avoiding contact with any alleged victim and having a psychological evaluation. It is important your loved one follow all guidelines set out by the judge in bond court.

To learn more about seeking out a criminal defense attorney in Springfield for setting bond, visit the Noll Law Office website.

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